Date: 25 August 2021 ، the watch 02:40
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RIPI to conduct over $142m of research projects in upstream oil industry

Iranian Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has it on the agenda to conduct over six trillion rials (about $142.8 million) worth of research projects in various upstream areas, including exploration, drilling, production, and enhancing recovery factor of the fields, an official with the institute announced.

As Shana reported on Tuesday, Head of RIPI’s Upstream Industries Research and Development Department Ezatollah Kazemzadeh has said RIPI is currently conducting primary studies for the increasing the recovery factor of Ahvaz, Bibi Hakimeh, and Rag Sefid fields, while also working on identifying unconventional hydrocarbon reserves in Soroush, Azar, Belal, and Danan fields as well.

According to Kazemzadeh, the first work package for Ahvaz and Bibi Hakimeh fields, which includes recognizing the field, turning field challenges into research topics, and screening recovery enhancement methods, has been completed, and the details of the second and third packages are being prepared to begin the work.

In Rag Sefid field, the first work package is similar to Ahvaz and Bibi Hakimeh fields, so the steps of recognizing information and setting existing patterns have been done by reviewing similar fields and comparing recovery enhancement methods; the results have been presented to the employer in the form of a request for proposal (RFP).

He further noted that in the second work packages defined for the mentioned fields, construction and updating of the reservoir simulator models and simulation of screening results will be done, while in the third work package, technological solutions will be provided to solve field challenges and laboratory pilot plans of selected recovery enhancement methods will be implemented.

In the fourth work package, the reservoir simulator model will be modified based on the results of the third stage and finally, in the fifth work package, the selected recovery enhancement method will be designed and implemented at the field and the results will be monitored closely, Kazemzadeh added.


Source: Tehran Times