Date: 14 September 2021 ، the watch 18:08
News ID: 10384
Head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA)’s Industry and Mining Committee says the chamber is preparing strategies to remove obstacles facing the country's industry and mining sectors.

In preparing this package, the consultation of Iran Mine House (IMH), Tehran House of Industry and Mining and the Association of Home Appliances Industry has been used,” Ali Naghib said on Tuesday.

Referring to the new Industry Minister’s plans for taking new measures in line with the expectations of the private sector and also the formation of a joint working group with the private sector, he added: “Now is a good time to present a clear list of challenges and problems facing the economic sectors, and also the expectations of the private sector and propose some solutions to the new minister.”

According to Naghib, participation of the private sector in formulating policies and strategies for the country's industrial development, pursuing and resolving fundamental problems in the field of taxation, insurance, and social security, preventing exchange rate fluctuations, trying to lift international sanctions, improving the business environment, removing the obstacles in administrative processes, implementing the approvals of the Business Facilitation Headquarters and the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council, monitoring the proper implementation of the regulation on improving the business environment, reviewing and amending unnecessary laws and regulations and solving the problem regarding the shortage of raw materials are some of the expectation of the private sector for developing the country’s industrial and mining industries.

Developing domestic production and cutting reliance on external sources for meeting the country’s needs has become one of the main priorities of the Iranian government over the past few years, and especially since the re-imposition of the U.S. sanctions in 2018 several programs have been implemented to realize this goal.

The industry and mining sectors, as major pillars of the Iranian economy, have been especially the focus of the said programs.

With the 13th government taking office, the new Industry, Mining, and Trade Minister Seyyed Reza Fatemi Amin has put the above-mentioned strategy atop his ministry’s agenda and announced the implementation of 36 new programs for developing the country’s industrial, mining and trade sectors.


Source: Tehran Times