Date: 21 February 2022 ، the watch 02:23
News ID: 10573
Pre-registration for the exhibitors in 26th International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition of Iran (Iran Oil Show 2022) will start on Saturday (February 19) through the website of the exhibition.

As announced by Majid Bujarzadeh, the director of the exhibition, Iran Oil Show will be held during May 13-16, through receiving all related permits from the National Headquarters to Combat Coronavirus

Pandemic, and observing all health protocols.
Pre-registration is for the purpose of identifying applicant companies and needs assessment, and does not mean that the application is definitely approved.

Iran Oil Show is among the most significant oil and gas events in the world in terms of the number of participants and its diversity.

The event covers a variety of oil industry areas, including upstream industries, universities and science centers, start-ups, and science and technology parks, petrochemicals and related industries, gas and related industries, pipes and tubes, valves, refining and distribution and related industries, rotary machines, as well as products exporters, and etc.

Source: Tehran Times