Date: 07 May 2022 ، the watch 16:11
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Iran, Indonesia discuss ways to boost mutual trade

Iranian Industry, Mining and Trade Minister Reza Fatemi-Amin received a high-ranking delegation from Indonesia headed by Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives Coordinator for Industry and Development (Korinbang) Rachmat Gobel on Saturday to explore ways of boosting mutual trade.

During the gathering, Fatemi-Amin stressed the need for forming a specialized working group to define a roadmap for pursuing the expansion of economic exchanges between the two countries, Shata reported.
“By forming a working group, a roadmap for increasing trade and economic exchanges between the two countries should be developed to use mutual capacities and investments,” Fatemi-Amin said addressing the meeting.

Referring to the previously set goal for the level of trade between the two countries, Fatemi-Amin said: “During the visit of the president of Indonesia to Iran in 2016, the two sides decided to increase trade exchanges to two billion dollars; But now the volume of trade between the two countries has only reached one billion dollars, and a roadmap must be drawn up to increase trade between the two countries.”

The Iranian minister underlined the prominent position of the two countries in their respected regions, saying: “Iran and Indonesia are prestigious and large countries in their region and have deep cultural and political relations with each other.”
The official expressed hope that the two sides will expand their economic relations in proportion to the political ties between the two sides.

“The economies of Iran and Indonesia are complementary and both countries need some of each other's products,” he stressed.
Emphasizing the need for promoting joint ventures between the two sides, he said: "Making joint ventures will deepen and expand relations between the two countries.”
The minister further pointed to Indonesia's capabilities in locomotive manufacturing and continued: “Indonesia can invest in this area in our country to meet domestic needs and exports to neighboring countries.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Fatemi-Amin said Indonesia has good capacities in producing rubber, palm oil, and paper and can use Chabahar port as a regional hub for exporting such products.
Gobel for his part noted that the aim of his trip is to follow up on previous agreements between the two countries for increasing trade relations.

He mentioned the determination of the presidents of the two countries in this regard and said: “We are ready to deepen economic relations.”
Referring to Iran's capabilities and progress in the field of knowledge-based, technology and nanotechnology, the official said: "Of course, these developments do not belong only to Iran, but to the entire Islamic world, and it is commendable that Iran has been able to upgrade its technology in these difficult conditions."

He further expressed Indonesia's interest in using Iran's experiences in the field of nanotechnology and knowledge-based products and added: "By working together in these fields, especially in the field of health technologies, we can do very valuable work for both countries and the Muslim community."

Source: Tehran Times