Date: 14 June 2022 ، the watch 01:27
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Quality of Manufacturing “ZAMYAD” Pickup Improved Dramatically in Current Year

The quality of manufacturing “ZAMYAD” Pickup has significantly been improved in the current year in 1401 (started March 21, 2-22) with reducing 100 minus point in the previous evaluation of the quality of pickup.

Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi Sangdehi the Deputy CEO of ZAMYAD Company for Quality Control (QC) Affairs stated that quality of manufacturing ZAMYAD Pickup has considerably improved by reducing 100 minus points in the evaluation of quality of the pickup.
In a jihadi move and in line with sublime instructions of Leader of the Islamic Revolution with regard to improving quality of domestically-manufactured vehicles, ZAMYAD Company succeeded in reducing 100 minus points in quality production of pickup over the past three months in the current year which was identified and evaluated by the Quality Control Inspection and Standard Company, he emphasized.

Stating that improving the quality of manufacturing ZAMYAD pickup is related to issues such as quality of paint, improving the chassis, axle, steering wheel, brakes and eliminating the problem of dust and water penetration into the cabin, Sangdeli said, “Currently, producing and testing of spare parts for manufacturing the pickup is done in accordance with the mandatory standards of National Iranian Standards Organization.”
In addition, the issue of "Commitment to Comply with Production Process with the Approval of Model of Vehicle" has been evaluated and approved by the Iranian Quality Control Inspection and Standard Company in all inspection stages of the company, he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to gaining satisfaction of customers for products of the company and noted that gaining satisfaction of customers has been put atop agenda of ZAMYAD Company.
The management of the company welcomes constructive proposals and complaints in line with realizing its objectives in quality production of vehicles, he said, adding, “The company has taken giant strides in response to the demands of its dear customers in creating drastic changes in production of the pickup, the most important of these measures taken by the company can be referred to installation of air conditioner, hydraulic steering wheel, dual fuel (hybrid) combustion system, use of two-piece steering wheel’s column, ABS (anti-lock braking system), immobilizer system, changing the dashboard for the purpose of beautifying and adding new options, changing the ampere indicators to the digital mode, using a five-speed gearbox, optimizing the gearbox output shaft, integrating the side windows to prevent air, water and dust  from penetrating into the car and reducing engine noise by using the up-to-date and standard cylinder block, etc.”

Mousavi Sangdehi then referred to changing and updating various models of ZAMYAD pickup in the years of production of this product and explained that ZAMYAD pickup, as a strategic product, has played an important role in meeting the needs of commercial transport fleet for dear fellow countrymen, so that ZAMYAD Company has always taken drastic measures to optimize and improve the quality of its product in accordance with up-to-date standards of the country and meet the needs of users, and continues this process in line with gaining satisfaction of its dear customers seriously.

Stating that ZAMYAD pickup truck has had significant improvements in terms of engine and driving force in accordance with modern-day standards during its years of production, he said that this product was produced and supplied with a carburetor engine in 2001, but in this year (started March 21, 2022), it is produced and supplied with three engines, single-burner (gasoline) with electric throttle, dual-burner engine with optimized cylinder block and standard diesel engine with EURO-5 emission standard.

Of the other cases of improvement done in the quality of producing this pickup, it can be referred to the safety and optimization of the chassis, optimization of the handbrake, safety of the steering wheel with two-piece design, addition of anti-theft immobilizer system and also air conditioning system.
ZAMYAD Pickup with the ability to carrying 2,100 kilograms of cargo has been turned into a mini-truck that enjoys capability of being transited and travel in urban areas, Deputy CEO of ZAMYAD Company continued.

Equipped with a suitable and large room space, ZAMYAD pickup has benefited from a strong and powerful chassis, he said, adding that this pickup is known as a popular and reliable commercial vehicle of customers as compared with other similar commercial vehicles which is a significant and undeniable advantage of this pickup in the field of light commercial vehicles.

Source: Tehran Times