Date: 28 June 2022 ، the watch 12:35
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SAIPA Co. checks quality of its spare parts before being distributed at market

Eng. Sirvan Zobeiri Deputy CEO of SAIPA Yadak Company for Quality Control (QC) and Engineering Affairs made the remarks on June 21 and stated that his company completely checks and supervise the quality of manufactured spare part before being distributed at the market.

The quality of spare parts in after-sales service organization of SAIPA Company is guaranteed, he said, adding that these high-quality parts are provided by holding car manufacturing companies as well as suppliers which have contracts with the company.  Turning to the quality of spare parts that are used at SAIPA Co.’s Sales & Distribution Agencies, Zoneiri said, “Given the existence of counterfeit and non-standard parts in the market, before supplying parts, the company fully monitors the sample of manufactured parts at its accredited laboratories in accordance with the organizational instructions and relevant standards.”

The quality control (QC) process for cargoes of spare parts is also examined by quality inspectors of the company at SAIPA YADAK storage in accordance with the control plan, Zobeiri said, adding if any non-compliance is observed, the cargo (spare part) is rejected,
Due to the use of parts at authorized sales agencies as well as repair agents and sales of parts at SAIPA YADAK Company, consumable feedback of all spare parts is done meticulously in the monitoring service network and the appropriate measures are taken in this regard accordingly.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Zobeiri pointed to the cars’ body parts and said, “Due to the existence of miscellaneous and non-standard parts in the market and also the existence of necessary sensitivity in high quality of body parts, the main and original body parts are supplied through competent manufacturing companies and eligible parts manufacturers, as contract party to SAIPA YADAK Company, in accordance with the necessary standards.

The Deputy QC and Engineering Department of SAIPA YADAK Company then referred to the satisfaction of sales network agencies of the company on the quality of spare parts, and stated, “As mentioned in above, the process of monitoring parts and surveying the quality of the parts sent to the sales distribution network is carried out continuously, and by getting feedback from the sales agencies’ network, parts sales agents, service shops and final consumers, the necessary controlling measures are performed in this field.”

Since all spare parts are monitored at the Company before being distributed at the market, quality of spare parts as provided by SAIPA YADAK Company enjoy the necessary standards at its sales agencies, he emphasized. 
In the end, Zobeiri reemphasized that all parts are thoroughly and completely tested and supervised before their distribution at the market and all customers of the company are ensured that they can use these parts with peace of mind.

Source: Tehran Times