Date: 09 August 2022 ، the watch 16:06
News ID: 10895
Water inflow to Iran’s dams has increased by five percent since the beginning of the current water year (September 23, 2021) up to the end of July, compared to the same period last year, the new report released by the Water Resources Management Company shows.

According to the said report, during the mentioned period, 29.16 billion cubic meters of water entered the country’s dam reserves, while the figure stood at 27,86 billion last year, IRNA reported.
Despite the increase in water inflow, the total volume of water in dam reservoirs has experienced a 46 percent decrease compared to the previous year, because the increase in the inflow to the dams is mostly due to the recent heavy rainfalls across the country.
Recent rains have led to the melting of snow cover, increasing the level of water behind dams.

However, the water level of dams is still declining compared to last year.
The amount of water outflow from the dams in the aforesaid period is 25.48 billion cubic meters. Last year and in the same period, the amount of water outflow was 31.73 billion cubic meters, which decreased by 20 percent.

The report also indicates that the volume of water in the country’s dams from the beginning of the current water year to July 30 has reached 22.83 billion cubic meters, which has decreased by three percent compared to the last year of 23.43 billion cubic meters.
The total capacity of the country’s dams stands at 50.5 billion cubic meters, showing that only 46 percent of the dams’ capacity is full.

Source: Tehran Times