Date: 15 August 2022 ، the watch 15:15
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As announced by a provincial official, 100 idle industrial units were revived in East Azarbaijan province, in the northwest of Iran, during nine months since the current administration took office in early August 2021.

Saber Parnian, the head of the province’s Industry, Mining and Trade Department, also said that 20 industrial units that were taken over by the banks were also taken out of possession and resumed their production.
The official further announced that 180 new industrial units also started activity by making an investment of 28 trillion rials (about $100 million) in the mentioned time span.
As recently announced by the head of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO) announced that 300 idle industrial units have been revived in the country since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21).

Ali Rasoulian said that 31 percent of the mentioned units have been revived by the entrepreneurs and noted, “We hope that we will see more private sector’s contribution in this field”.
Rasoulian has previously announced that 2,067 idle industrial units were revived in the country’s industrial parks and zones during the previous Iranian calendar year 1400 (ended on March 20).
According to the ISIPO head, with the reviving of the mentioned units job opportunities were created for over 39,000 people.

“ISIPO had put it on the agenda to revive 2,000 stagnant units inside and outside industrial parks and zones in the previous year and by the end of the year 2,067 idle units returned to the production cycle, which provided employment for more than 39,000 people,” Rasoulian said.
The official noted that 1,433 small workshop units were also established in the mentioned year most of which were production and knowledge-based units with high technology.
The necessary licenses were also obtained for establishing 26 new industrial parks and zones across the country in the previous year, he added.

In late February, the official said that 900 consultants from the private sector and knowledge-based companies were selected in the form of industry clinics across the country to recognize the weaknesses of industrial units with the aim of reactivating stagnant units or units that are operating below capacity.
He stressed that reviving idle production units is the main approach that the government is currently following in the industry sector.
The government is seriously pursuing its programs to resolve production units' problems in collaboration with the private sector; Very good planning has been done in this regard, Rasoulian said.
He mentioned providing infrastructure and supporting small businesses and enterprises as two major programs of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade in relation to industrial parks and said that 2,023 projects related to providing infrastructure for industrial parks, including water, electricity, and gas supply, with 60 trillion rials (about $215 million) of credit is underway in different parts of the country.

Source: Tehran Times