Date: 27 August 2022 ، the watch 18:49
News ID: 10983
Head of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) has said his organization is collaborating with the Industry, Mining, and Trade Ministry to facilitate the sale of Iranian-made cars at the country’s merchandise exchange.

“We are trying to continue our positive interaction and cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade to make the necessary preparations for introducing more cars into Iran Merchandise Exchange (IME),” Majid Eshqi told IRNA on Saturday.

“Our goal is not only to sale cars in the merchandise exchange, but also to activate the capacities of the capital market to finance the country's automobile industry, and there are tools in the capital market like bonds and certificates of deposit ready to be used in this regard,” he added.
The official noted that over the past few days SEO has had positive negotiations with the country’s automobile manufacturers for the allocation of resources for the development of new platforms and the quality improvement of current products.

As IRNA reported, after the approval of the Stock Exchange Supreme Council regarding the sale of cars at IME, 350 Fidelity and 250 Dignity vehicles belonging to Bahman Motor Group were offered at the mentioned exchange on August 17.

Following the mentioned offering, last week, Eshqi announced the offering of some Iran Khodro (IKCO) vehicles at the merchandise exchange, saying: “We were facing obstacles for the offering of cars in the stock exchange and now the problems have been resolved and we managed to offer some cars in this market and two products of Iran Khodro will soon enter the merchandise exchange board.”
Later, IME announced in a statement that 500 HAIMA vehicles manufactured by IKCO would be offered at IME on August 28 as the first round of IKCO offerings in the merchandise exchange.

Source: Tehran Times