Date: 11 April 2023 ، the watch 01:52
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Breaking the record of Mobarakeh Steel Co. in transporting all kinds of steel products

The sales and shipping planning manager of Mobarakeh Steel Co. (MSC) announced the record of shipping all kinds of products of this company in 1401.

In this regard, Yunus Hamzoi said: In 1401, Mobarakeh Steel Company set an impressive record in the annual delivery of goods by sending and delivering more than 8 million and 364 thousand tons of various products to domestic and export customers.

He pointed out that this amount of transportation was achieved with an increase of 924 thousand tons and a growth of 12.4% compared to the previous year, as well as a growth of about 8% compared to the previous record in 1999. He continued: The registered statistics show that the performance in The transportation area was 2% more than the annual plan.
According to the director of sales planning and transportation of Mobarakeh steel products, the remarkable achievements of product transportation in 1401 were a continuation of the company's successes and achievements in other areas, and the result of the efforts, empathy and effective interaction of the colleagues of the planning and control unit of product transportation and production areas, sales, Transportation and support, PPC and other units involved, as well as external related organizations, transport companies and hardworking drivers of the region, who, God willing, will see more brilliant achievements in the new year.

Thousands of manufacturers received their raw materials directly from Mobarakeh Steel Co.

In the same context, the head of planning and control of transportation of Mobarake steel products also stated: about 87 percent of the products were transported by road and delivered to customers, and by passing 7280 thousand tons and an increase of about one million tons and a growth of about 16 percent compared to the previous year, and also More than 11% growth compared to the previous record in 1999, a new recession was recorded.

Majid Fakhari continued: About 7.1 million tons, equivalent to 85% of the products were sent to domestic customers in all parts of the country, which is 15% more than last year and is a record in its kind.

He pointed out that about one million and 250 thousand tons of Mobarake steel export products were sent to Bandar Abbas destinations and the eastern, western and northern border customs and delivered to export customers and continued: In 1401, more than 1634 thousand tons of semi-finished products (Slab and Bar), 4887 thousand tons of hot products (1550 thousand tons from Saba Steel Complex) and 1842 thousand tons of cold and coated products have been sent to domestic and export customers through road and rail transportation.

In this way, we witnessed the annual stagnation of product transportation in all areas, and thousands of producers in the field of various activities benefited from this and were able to receive the raw materials they needed directly from Mobarakeh Steel.

The head of planning and control of transportation of Mobarakeh steel products stated: The statistics in the field of transportation show the importance and special place of road transportation in completing the last link of the Mobarakeh steel value chain and delivering products to the downstream industries of the country, which is undoubtedly the effort of the hardworking drivers and Transport companies of the region and all those involved in the field of road transport and the support and assistance of the General Directorate of Roads and Road Transport of the province as a policy maker in this field and its other subcategories, especially in the cities of Isfahan, Mobarakeh and Lanjan, as well as the provincial road police have played a decisive role in this matter.

In the final part of his speech, the head of planning and control of transportation of Mobarakeh steel products stated: The constructive interactions formed not only facilitated the process of transporting and delivering goods on time to Mobarakeh steel customers, but also by creating a common understanding, it can respond to the needs due to the development of production capacities. And after that, the increase in the volume of sending products will be created, to be effective.

Product shipment record registration; Well done to the performance of all district employees

Mohsen Zare, the manager of coated and finished products in the cold rolling area, also said in the same context: Setting a new record for loading and sending cold coils and raw coils in the cold rolling area in the last days of 1401 was a good ending to the performance of all employees in the production, repair, and support areas. and the headquarters and contractors of the company who helped the company to achieve its goals with their efforts.

He said: The new record of cold coils was recorded with the production of 45,000 coils amounting to 905,000 tons and 16,000 raw coils amounting to 283,000 tons. Meanwhile, the previous record of cold coil was 886,000 tons in 2019 and raw coil was 232,000 tons in 2017.

The determination of employees in line with the company's goals

The head of the packaging and loading and shipping unit of cold rolling also stated: The packaging and shipping unit in cooperation with the transportation planning and production planning unit and the effort and follow-up of the employees of the packaging and shipping unit were able to achieve these successes, and this achievement is due to the determination of the employees of this unit. It is in line with the company's goals. Saeed Jamshidian further added: Loading and shipping of cold rolls is done in two ways, 70% by road and 30% by rail from 5 loading and shipping points.

Also, raw coils are loaded and shipped by road from 3 points. The most important reasons for achieving these records are planning to reduce loading time, increasing rail and road loading capacity, reducing the waiting time for packaging and increasing the number of loading points for rail transportation and finally, the efforts and empathy of the employees of the packaging, loading and shipping unit and the transportation and planning unit. production and expressed hope that these achievements will continue in the next year as well.

In the end, the head of cold rolling packaging and loading and shipping unit appreciated the sincere support of the management of the cold rolling area, the management of coated products, the management and staff of planning production and sale and transportation of steel products and other relevant units who played a role in winning this honor.

Source: Mobarakeh Steel Company