Date: 30 August 2021 ، the watch 01:07
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5 large-scale smart transport firms start operating

Five large-scale smart transportation companies that operate in the road transportation sector have been launched across Iran, an official with the country’s Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (RMTO) announced.

According to Gholam-Hossein Daghagheleh, the mentioned companies have been established with the aim of increasing productivity in the mentioned sector and accelerating freight transportation using the information technology capacities for smartening the road transportation process.

Referring to the advantages of setting up smart companies in the transportation sector, the director-general of the RMTO Freight Transport Office added: "One of the most important features of forming large-scale smart transport companies is the possibility of being monitored and controlled by the Intelligent Road Fleet Management and Control Center.”

The official also mentioned online payment of the driver's wage in the destination, increasing the performance and productivity of the fleet of the mentioned companies, reducing intermediation and brokerage in the transportation of goods, drivers’ ease of access to the owners of the goods through the companies, reducing administrative bureaucracy and having a greater scope of operation as other advantages of such smart companies.

According to RMTO, the Iranian road freight transportation fleet is currently comprised of 387,000 trucks.
A big part of the country’s cargo transportation is carried out through the road network and in this regard, the development of this sector has been one of the major priorities of the Transport and Urban Development Ministry over the past few years.

Renovating the country’s road transportation fleet, establishing new transportation companies, developing the country’s road network, and modernizing the equipment and machinery used in this sector are some of the measures that the ministry has taken for promoting the country’s road cargo transportation.

Last August, RMTO signed a tripartite deal with Bank Saderat Iran (BSI) and some private companies for the renovation of the country’s suburban cargo transport fleet.


Source: Tehran Times