Date: 04 September 2021 ، the watch 21:44
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Iran’s Water, Electricity Virtual Exhibition (WEVEX 2021), as the first permanent online exhibition in the said sectors, is going to kick off on Monday, the portal of the Energy Ministry known as Paven reported.

As reported, the exhibition has been held with the aim of introducing the water and electricity industry products and also paving the way for the interaction among investors, producers, and exporters.

The online exhibition will also be a good opportunity to indigenize the knowledge for the production of imported data-x-items using the capabilities of the country’s engineers and researchers.
Developing, strengthening, and facilitating the quality and quantity of exports of technical and engineering services as well as goods along with supporting domestic production, as well as the development of exports to the markets of target countries are also among the goals of the mentioned exhibition.

This permanent virtual exhibition will be launched by the Iranian Electrical Power Equipment Manufacturing and Provision Company (known as SATKAB) in Persian, English, Russian and Arabic.
Introducing water and electricity industry products through permanent and temporary exhibitions, especially in the field of "knowledge-based" products, has been one of the priorities of SATKAB over the past two years, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic the conditions for the holding of such exhibitions have changed and most events are held online.

The online platform is a great opportunity for companies active in these industries, to showcase their achievements and products to the experts and people involved in the mentioned fields, and to direct their future activities and innovations by considering the market demand trends and the direction of growth of this industry.

Prior to the pandemic, Iran held two separate international exhibitions for water and electricity industries every year.
Iran’s International Water and Wastewater Exhibition, and the International Electricity Exhibition (IEE), as the largest industrial and commercial events in Iran in their sectors, were held annually with the presence of a large number of capable domestic and foreign companies in the field of electricity, as well as water and wastewater industries.


Source: Tehran Times