Date: 22 September 2021 ، the watch 13:54
News ID: 10410
The new Converter No. 4 at Usiminas Ipatinga was started up successfully on Saturday, June 19th.

This new 180 t converter is equipped with the patented suspension system based on a vertical Lamella arrangement in combination with horizontal Daniella elements, an air cooling system for the barrel part of the vessel and water–based cooling for the vessel’s top cone. A Q–Temp 2.0 temperature monitoring system was installed for online measurement of the vessel’s thermal condition, providing valuable information for achieving the longest possible campaigns.  

ArcelorMittal Temirtau Converter No. 3
With a first heat produced on 20th February 2021, ArcelorMittal has successfully completed the commissioning of their new 300 t Converter No. 3, which was supplied by Danieli Corus. The converter vessel, trunnion ring, suspension, couplings as well as other ancillary equipment have been designed and manufactured for a lifetime of 30 years. With an improved design, the inner volume was increased, in turn optimizing the reaction volume. Clearance between the vessel shell and trunnion ring was increased for improved cooling characteristics and as such increase lifetime of the vessel shell.
Hegang Laoting Sublance System for Converter No. 1 in BOF Shop 2
On Wednesday May 26th, the First Heat of Converter No. 1 at Hegang Laoting BOF Shop 2 was executed, and the first two Sublance measurements were completed successfully. This is the third Sublance System to be put successfully into production at this steel plant, allowing the client to produce heats with these converters in full computer mode thanks to the Static–Dynamic Level II Process Model that was also implemented.


Source: Danieli