Date: 21 October 2021 ، the watch 16:13
News ID: 10456
Tripartite exploration agreement among deputy of mines and mining industries affairs of Industry, Mine and Trade Ministry, IMIDRO and Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration of Iran(GSI)will be started today in Birjand county, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO said.

According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, Vajiholah Jafari referring the synergy between these organizations declared that the project with attendance of managers and delegations of these three organizations will be started today in Birjand county(South Khorasan province). In this project the low- income provinces are in priority. So, in the first phase, South Khorasan and Kurdistan (Divandareh area) provinces will be surveyed by the end of the current Iranian year(ended March20,2022).Currently,60 teams have started their activities in South Khorasan province and the survey will be completed according to the plan, he added. The purpose of the agreement is to produce basic information, complete and develop exploration activities in area of 400,000 square kilometers using the potentials of GSI organization, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO continued.

Employing young forces and academic elites

The implementation of this agreement, not only employing a combination of the exploration experts in these organizations but also, will reduce parallel work and create synergy. Likewise, in this plan, education, training and employment of educated young forces and academic elites will be considered, Jafari said.

In this project, we intend to prepare a base map at the scale of 1/50000 for the first time in the country, with the help of Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration Organization. By combining, modeling and interpreting it, we can identify new potentials and exploration areas, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO added.

The identified areas will be given to IMIDRO in order to obtaining necessary permits and exploration licenses and will be handed over to the private sector by holding a call, the duration of this project is 5 years and the credit is considered, he noted.


Source: IMIDRO