Date: 17 May 2022 ، the watch 13:48
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Sepahan Oil Co. Eyeing to Get Lion’s Share at European Market: CEO

Announcing the construction of 40,000-ton storage tanks in Bandar Abbas, CEO of Sepahan Oil Company said that contracts have been signed with European countries for export of products of this industrial and production unit.

The brand of Sepahan Oil Company was introduced as the best exposition booth at 26th Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show 2022) and also was introduced as exemplary exporter.

The company has been introduced as exemplary exporting company years ago.
Speaking on the sidelines of 26th Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show 2022), Mohammad Amir Nikoo Hemmat CEO of Sepahan Oil Company said that his company enjoys high capacity to produce 720,000 tons of various types of gasoline, motor and industrial oils, adding, “With the drastic measures taken in this field, production of this industrial and production unit has increased qualitatively and quantitatively.”

Sepahan Oil Company has enjoyed good technical know-how and knowledge in the production of industrial oils in a way that the company has defined three special projects that are environmentally friendly.
Elsewhere in his remarks, CEO of the company pointed to the production of special engine oils in this company and stated “In production of this engine oil, we have received approval from "Benz" and "BMW" companies.”

He further reiterated that quality oils produced at the company have been licensed by the world’s prestigious and leading car manufacturing giants “Mercedes-Benz” and “BMW”.
He then pointed to the export of products of the company and added, “Presently, 70 percent of products of this industrial and production company is exported overseas, so that the company has concluded contracts with European countries in line with exporting its high-quality products.”
To produce oil for new engines, system needs to be turned off, he said, adding, “In this period, basic repair and maintenance services will be done. We hope that this system would be commissioned by the end of the current year in 1401 (March 20, 2023).”

"We are trying to increase exports of products overseas and for this reason, construction operation of 40,000-ton tanks is underway in Bandar Abbas,” he underlined.
According to him, design and construction of tanks and production of various types of oils are underway in Bandar Abbas, he continued.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the CEO of Sepahan Oil Company pointed to the construction of a special oil blending plant in Chabahar Port and said, "Our vision is to first produce our products for the country and then export the additional products overseas and for this reason, effective steps have been taken to inject more currency in the country.”
The CEO of Sepahan Oil Company announced that his company will produce special engine oils in cooperation with European companies so that the company can eye boosting its share at European market.

"We have projects at hand in order to increase quality of products, so that these projects have enjoyed between 20 to 60 percent physical progress which are being carried out with Iranian technical know-how and knowledge in Sepahan Oil Complex."
“One of our big projects is FRW, which will improve the quantity and quality of our products. Also, TDAE is another project of the company which is known as “green oil” which is produced as environment-friendly oils, he added.

Referring to the high quality of oils produced at Sepahan Oil Company, he said that his company has received quality certificates from world’s leading car giants including “Benz”, “BMW” and “Renault” companies in producing engine oils.
Industrial oils, gasoline, diesel, automotive gear oils, motorcycle oils, special and marine engine oils, greases, base products (slack wax, paraffin, extracts and base oils SOC-500), antifreeze and anti-boiling, etc. are of the salient products of the company, Nikoo Hemmat stated.
This industrial and production unit is the largest and most modern producer of base oils in the Middle East, he said, adding that Ojan Chimie Tabriz Company and Aria Solar Company are the subsidiaries of Sepahan Oil Company.

Sepahan Oil Company produces various types of oils according to the requirements of the country, he said, adding that most of products of the company are supplied to sales agencies while the others are offered to petroleum derivatives stores.
In sales agency of Sepahan Oil Company, you can find all its products you want, because in these sales agencies, which are considered as authorized agents, they are obliged to sell all products required by customer. In the sales agency of Sepahan Oil Company, you can buy your desired product at a very reasonable price set by Sepahan Oil Company.

Source: Tehran Times