Date: 17 May 2022 ، the watch 14:14
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Cuba seeks Iran’s help to expand its mines

Cuba is seeking Iran’s help to expand its mining and metals sector as the two countries move to raise their economic cooperation to a new level.

Cuba’s Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz told Iran’s industries minister Reza Fatemi Amin on Saturday that his country will need Iran’s technological support, including the know-how to carry out complicated geological surveys, to expand mines in the Caribbean island nation.
“Iran can be of major help to Cuba in production and excavation of minerals including nickel, iron, lead and gold,” Cabrisas Ruiz was quoted as saying by IRNA agency during a meeting with Fatemi Amin in Tehran.

The Cuban deputy PM is in Iran on top of a senior economic and trade delegation to attend a two-day summit of Iran-Cuba Joint Economic Commission that starts on Sunday.
Iran and Cuba have increased their cooperation in recent years as the two nations continue to face American pressure in various economic fields.
The two nations signed a major contract in 2021 to develop and manufacture a flagship coronavirus vaccine in Iran.

Iran’s Fatemi Amin said after meeting Cabrisas Ruiz that Iran and Cuba have a huge potential to engage in joint manufacturing and trade endeavors in the future.
Fatemi Amin said that government experts in the two countries have identified at least 34 fields of cooperation where the two nations can expand their ties, including in the production of pharmaceuticals, home appliances and in large-scale mining and metals projects.

Source: ICCIMA