Date: 27 June 2022 ، the watch 22:31
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Iraq calls for an increase in Iranian gas imports

Iraqi electricity ministry has announced that following the clearance of the country's energy debts to Iran, Baghdad is now consulting to increase gas imports from the Islamic Republic.

The Spokesperson for the Iraqi Electricity Ministry Ahmed Mousa told media sources that Iraq currently imports 40 million cubic meters of Iranian gas per day but the country needs to receive 50 to 55 million cubic meters of gas per day to meet its electricity needs.
"The Ministry of Electricity is trying to increase its daily production to 24,000 MW, and this depends on increasing Iran's gas exports from 40 million cubic meters to 50 to 55 million cubic meters per day," Mousa added.

Iraqi Electricity Minister Adel Karim recently said in a press conference in Karbala that Iran has agreed to export 50 million cubic meters of gas to Iraq per day for four months, starting from summer.
"Iraq will import between 10 to 20 million cubic meters of gas per day from Iran in winter," he added.
Iraq relies on Iranian gas to operate electric power plants. Earlier, Karim had announced that Iraq needs Iranian gas for 5-10 years while confirming the ministry’s agreement with the Iranian side to supply the country with 50 million cubic meters of gas per day.

Iran announced last week that Iraq has settled its energy dues to the country. Iraq reportedly owed Iran about $7 billion for previous gas imports from the country.
Iraq supplies more than a third of its energy needs through imports of electricity and gas from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The repayment of Iraq’s debts to Iran came at a time when U.S. unilateral sanctions against Iran are still in place. This may be the reason why some analysts underlined the need for South Korea to follow in the footsteps of Iraq.

Source: Tehran Times