Date: 04 July 2022 ، the watch 15:09
News ID: 10840
The director of production coordination and supervision in National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said: “The South Pars gas complex refineries are now working for maximum gas refining through carrying out detailed and coherent overhaul plans.”

Making the remarks during the periodic visits to the production process and the progress of overhaul operations of South Pars gas complex refineries and during his visit to the third and sixth refineries of this complex, Ahmad Zamani said: “The current stable and continuous production in the South Pars Gas complex has been achieved with the efforts and dedication of you, the dear personnel; We hope that in the shadow of empathy and teamwork, we can take bigger steps in the direction of serving the society and prosperity of the country.”

South Pars gas field, which Iran shares with Qatar in the Persian Gulf water, is divided into 24 standard phases of development in the first stage. Most of the phases are fully operational at the moment.
The huge offshore field covers an area of 9,700 square kilometers, 3,700 square kilometers of which are in Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. The remaining 6,000 square kilometers, called North Dome, are situated in Qatar’s territorial waters.

The field is estimated to contain a significant amount of natural gas, accounting for about eight percent of the world’s reserves, and approximately 18 billion barrels of condensate.

Source: Tehran Times