Date: 15 November 2021 ، the watch 14:51
News ID: 10476

IGTC completely ready for gas supply during winter

Iranian Gas Transmission Company (IGTC)’s managing director said his company is completely prepared for sustainable gas supply throughout the country during winter, Shana reported.

Mehdi jamshidi Dana said major overhaul of pressure boosting facilities, pipeline operation centers, smart monitoring stations has been carried out and timely periodic visits have also been done to ensure sustainable and secure gas supply to Iranian subscribers in the country during winter.

Stating that the company has taken all the necessary measures for the sustained transmission of gas during the winter, Jamshidi Dana said: "Due to the increase in the amount of gas consumption at peak periods, all operational areas are ready to operate at maximum capacity and spare units are also prepared to ensure the stability of gas transmission and to avoid any disruption."

He further called on the people to manage their consumption during the peak periods to help the national Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) and IGTC to maintain gas supply during the cold season.


Source: Tehran Times