Date: 22 November 2021 ، the watch 14:42
News ID: 10483
Jafari Announced at 8th Steel Price Conference:

IMIDRO Plans to Integrate Steel Chain from Mine to Industry

IMIDRO strengthens the downstream chain as the leading sector, with the aim of maintaining the upstream steel sector, chairman of the board of IMIDRO announced.

According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, IMIDRO and Industry, Mine and Trade Ministry are working on an integrated vision from mining to industry, Vajiholah Jafari declared at the 8th Steel Price Conference.

Steel Chain Production Capacity Growth

At present, Iran’s annual crude steel production is over 30 million tons. Also, the country’s crude steel production capacity has reached 40 million tons, Jafari said.

About 7 million tons will be added to the countries steel production capacity by the end of the current Iranian year (ended 20 March 2022), he predicted.
Iran’s DRI production capacity is 36 million tons per year. Likewise, Iron ore pellet and iron ore concentrate annual production capacity are 66.7 million tons and 62.7 million tons respectively, chairman of the board of IMIDRO noted.

“We are doing exploration activities in 132 zones of 30 provinces across the 650,000 square kilometers of the country. Considering the country’s industry need to raw materials, we plans to do deep exploration program”, he added.
Iron Ore Reserves Increase

Jafari noted the 2.8 billion tons of certain iron ore reserve in the country and said:” we explored 998 million tons of new iron ore reserves as a result of exploratory activities during the recent years”.

He also referring the infrastructure sector and continued: “infrastructure development in electricity, water, gas and road sectors has an important role in production capacity growth. Recently, an MoU signed by Industry, Mine and Trade Ministry and Energy Ministry on construction of 10,000MW new power plant capacity in Industry and mine sector which is in contract phase by participation of leading mining and mining industries companies.

Pointing the clarification in steel exchanges Jafari announced: presentation of all products in the chain such as raw materials in stock exchange is a way for clarification the exchanges.

Source: IMIDRO