Date: 22 November 2021 ، the watch 14:57
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South Pars condensate loading capacity rises

Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) has put a new single point mooring (SPM) into operation at phase 19 of South Pars gas field to increase the condensate loading capacity of the giant field, an official with the company announced.

According to the Operator of South Pars phase 19 development project Seyed Hossein Azimi, a one-million-barrel cargo has been loaded from this SPM for the first time, the POGC portal reported on Sunday.

“With the fourth single point mooring of South Pars going operational, in addition to increasing the condensate loading capacity in the export terminal of South Pars Site 2, the field’s operational flexibility will increase and will lead to stable production of gas and gas condensate in South Pars Site 2 during the coming winter,” he said.

POGC, which is in charge of developing the South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, had installed this SPM system at Site 2 of the field in January to facilitate gas condensate exports from the region.
The SPM, which is the second one at Site 2 of South Pars, has a loading capacity of 7,000 cubic meters per hour of gas condensate.

Prior to the inauguration of this SPM, the gas condensate produced at Pars 2 region was sent through a subsea pipeline to the SPM No. 1 of the South Pars Phase 12 to be loaded for exports, now this second SPM is also connected to the site by a 36-inch subsea pipeline with a length of 6.8 kilometers.

According to Azimi, the new SPM will increase the operational flexibility for gas condensate exports by making POGC able to carry out periodic facility repairs on both SPM systems, and will also prevent the deterioration of condensate measuring and loading equipment by balancing the operational loads between the two systems.

In late December 2020, Iran inaugurated its strategic gas condensate storage facilities in the South Pars region in a move to boost the storage and exports of the mentioned commodity.
With a nominal capacity of 640,000 cubic meters (four million barrels), the mentioned storage facilities and gas condensate measuring stations have been constructed to store gas condensate produced by South Pars refineries.

The mentioned storages are able to supply 480,000 barrels of gas condensate to the Persian Gulf Star Refinery on a daily basis and also are able to send gas condensate to the mentioned SPM systems via pipelines.


Source: Tehran Times