Date: 30 June 2022 ، the watch 14:51
News ID: 10829

BMI Notifies “Comprehensive Instructions for Presenting Services to Knowledge-based Companies”

Bank Melli Iran (BMI) notified the comprehensive instructions for providing quality services to knowledge-based companies.

In line with implementing sublime remarks of Leader of the Islamic Revolution on supporting knowledge-based companies as the main strategy for economic progress and development of the country, Bank Melli Iran has embarked on compiling and developing “Comprehensive Instructions for Providing Quality Services to the Knowledge-based Companies” with the aim of accelerating and facilitating the process of offering quality financial and credit services to these companies. Public Relations Department of Bank Melli Iran (BMI) reported. 

According to the instruction notified to all branches of the bank across the country, Bank Melli Iran has considered a credit package with special terms and conditions in order to facilitate and accelerate fulfilling activities pertinent to the knowledge-based companies. 
In this instruction, the executive mechanism has been determined for receiving request from knowledge-based companies as applicants of using services and facilities as well as the way of evaluating these companies. 

Compiling the executive mechanisms for offering services to the knowledge-based companies, given the future-based assets of these companies, which requires specific and different evaluation from other companies and applicants, has been taken place for the first time in the country by Bank Melli Iran (BMI).

With due observance to the said issues, the management of Bank Melli Iran has taken effective steps in the current year in order to materialize objectives of the slogan named after by Leader of the Islamic Revolution at the beginning of the year 1401 entitled “Production: Knowledge-based and Job-Creating”, the Public Relations Department of the Bank added.

Source: Tehran Times