Date: 15 August 2022 ، the watch 14:59
News ID: 10913
In the 9th Iranian Popular Brand Festival, which is held every year to introduce the brand selected by public votes, Snowa succeeded in being recognized as the most honorable participating brand in seven categories of household products.

In 2022, 1500 brands in 102 specialized groups were measured in this festival. So far, Snowa has been among the recipients of the golden statue 6 times out of the last 9 times in the home appliances sector.

Popular Iranian Brand Festival is the most extensive competition of prominent brands in the Iranian market and is one of the most important brand events in our country, which uses a model based on a public survey to identify the level of consumer support. During this year's festival, for over 75 days, the audience participated in the site and registered more than eight hundred thousand votes, ranking Iranian brands in terms of popularity and satisfaction in consumption, in each of the goods and services groups. The purpose of this partnership is to improve the brand's position based on the votes and opinions of consumers.

The criteria raised in the popular survey included the provision of appropriate services, respect for customers' rights, customer orientation, and satisfaction with after-sales services.

Source: Tehran Times