Date: 25 August 2022 ، the watch 18:21
News ID: 10973
Malleable SAIPA Company, as one of subsidiaries of SAIPA Automotive Group, managed to increase production volume of aluminum casting in the first four months of the current year (from March 21 to July 22) as much as 4.5 percent, the Public Relations Department of SAIPA Automotive Group reported.

By improving the production process and reducing stoppage in the process of production in the first four months of the current year (March 21 - July 22), Malleable SAIPA Company managed to record a 4.5 increase in production of aluminum parts for Tiba, Pride, and Nissan passenger cars.
Shahram Moslempour Chief Executive of Malleable SAIPA Company made the remarks and stated that specialists and experts of this company managed to implement the production plans in line with removing production stoppages caused by power outages, pressure of sanctions imposed against the country, and provision of raw materials in the production lines.

An increase in production of aluminum parts included all the aluminum products of this company such as cylinder heads for Tiba, Pride, and Nissan passenger cars, he added.
In the casting process, it is important to maintain the aluminum melting channels and produce aluminum parts which plays an important role in the production of wastes as well as quality of product, Moslempour underlined.

He called the improvement of production process at aluminum casting hall as one of the challenges of achieving goals of aluminum parts’ production and supply of parts for SAIPA Automotive Group, he said, adding that reducing wastes and production period have also been taken into serious consideration in production growth of the aforementioned parts.

The CEO of Malleable SAIPA Company said that his company owes production increase of aluminum parts to the unflinching and nonstop efforts of industrious workers and experts working at the Aluminum Casting Hall and also other production and headquarters departments of the company.
Materialization of objectives behind the production increase of aluminum parts is the result of precision and accuracy of expert engineers and relentless efforts of operators and also other employees of the company working in its production hall which led to eye-catching improvements and achieving objectives of producing high-quality products and consequently production growth in this industrial and production unit.

Malleable Company was established in October 1965 for manufacturing all casting parts and various kinds of metal products. Executive operations lasted until March 1969 and the company came into operation from April 1969.

Source: Tehran Times