Date: 07 November 2022 ، the watch 03:07
News ID: 11029

Discovery of New Mineral Reserves in Iran/147 Exploration Licenses Issued

Exploration operations during Iranian years 1392-1398 period (from 21 March 2013 to 20 March2020) resulted in discovery of several new and different mineral reserves in Iran, IMIDRO’s exploration manager announced.

According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, as a result of these exploration operations during the mentioned period (2013-2020) ,182 tons of gold content, one billion tons of iron ore,17 million tons of bauxite, 500 million tons of coal, 85 million tons of rare earth elements,14 million tons of copper content and 6 million tons of lead and zinc were added to the mineral reserves of Iran, Ahmad Fatahi, exploration manager of IMIRO stated.

He noted that only 5 to 10 percent of these new reserves will added $27 billion to the value of the country’s mineral reserves.

IMIDRO is authorized to perform exploration operations in deprived provinces based on the mining law, he added.

Due to the geographical location of deprived provinces, we are conducting exploration operations in Sistan and Bluchistan and South Khorasan provinces in border lines area (Saravan, Zahedan and Sefidabeh), as well as West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Ilam provinces, Fatahi continued.

Over 283 promising areas registered

Exploration manager of IMIDRO announced: “As exploration development during Iranian calendar years 1395 to 1398(from March 2016 to March 2020), the next areas were assigned to IMIDRO and its subsidiaries. So, 82 zones with an area of more than 489 thousand square kilometers have been assigned to IMIDRO and its subsidiaries”.

After conducting the identification phase, over 283 promising areas were registered. Also,147 exploration licenses and 16 discovery certificates have been issued.

Source: IMIDRO